Cindy Blanco successfully defended her dissertation titled “Cross-language speech perception in context: Advantages for recent language-learners and variation across language-specific acoustic cues.” She is heading to Northwestern to be a postdoc in Sandie Waxman’s lab. Congratulations, Dr. Blanco!!

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Here are some highlights from the poster session where our lab was well represented.  Maria Gavino Rodriguez and Niki Garcia-Holmes presented “Effects of Different Types of Noise on Foreign Accent Adaptation.”Michelle Dubois and Irene Smith presented “The effect of speaking style adaptations on speech perception in noise by native and non-native listeners.” Thanks for working so hard to present our work to the UT community!

Outside of the lab!

I have the best students and we also have the most fun lab kiddos!





Michelle has been working in the lab for two years and has made extensive contributions to our many projects. She is graduating with a degree in Linguistics and Portuguese, with a concentration in Spanish. She also works as a nurse in at St. David’s Medical Center in post-anesthesia care. And she volunteers in an English as a Second Language program. Basically, she kicks ass!  We are so proud of all of her accomplishments! We will miss you!

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We got great feedback on our projects: Acoustic detail in monolingual and bilingual children’s representations of English and SpanishThe effect of informational and energetic masking on foreign-accent adaptation, and Effects of speaking style and context on online word recognition in adverse listening conditions. Well done Elisa and Cindy!!

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Communication Sciences and Disorders Seminar Series

Fall 2015


Speech on the Brain – The Neurobiology of Speech Perception

Sophie K. Scott, Ph.D

Speech Communication Laboratory

UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Friday October 23, 2015, 2:00pm

BMC 5.102

In this talk I will try to outline how the proposed streams of anatomical and functional processing in primate auditory cortex may be relevant for understanding the neurobiology of human speech perception. I will address the distinct involvement of rostral/caudal streams in the perception of speech and the control of speech production, and I will address how this interacts with hemispheric asymmetries in speech processing.


Welcome back!

Here are my awesome, hard-working, smart and accomplished labbies! Welcome to our new members: Sandie, Irene, Niki and Maria. Welcome back Cindy, Elisa, Kirsten and Michelle! These women make my job fun!! IMG_4512 (2) IMG_4527 (2)


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